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Services We Offer

Social Work p.r.n. is a professional social work company providing a variety of services to organizations including staffing and consultation. We serve hospitals, mental health centers, addiction treatment programs, family and children service agencies, Employee Assistance Programs, managed care companies, rehabilitation centers, HMOs, home health and hospice agencies, ASOs, residential care facilities, schools, and so on. Client systems served by Social Work p.r.n. include social service organizations and host settings, private entities and government programs; non-profit and for-profit agencies; national, regional, and local settings, and urban, suburban, and rural communities.

Staffing Services

We offer MSW and BSW social workers temporary or temp-to-perm staffing needs for vacation, sick and other leaves of absence, program start-up, times of high census and work overload, in the interim of hiring for a position, etc. We can provide Full- or Part-Time Caseload Coverage; Psychosocial Assessments; Group Work Services; Case Management; Discharge Planning; Crisis Intervention, Consultation, Clinical Therapy, Home Visits, Special Project Staffing, and On-Call Coverage.
  • Let us help during times of transition. We'll fill your personnel gaps while saving you time and money. We know social work and it shows in our ability to match your coverage needs with a social worker that has the right knowledge, skills and use of self. We stand behind our temporary staffing product with an MSW coordinator in each location to provide assessment, coordination and monitoring for both the setting and the worker. Making the right fit is just one of our trademark services.
  • Explore the possibility of hiring the temporary social worker for a permanent position. Temp-to-perm is a great way to find a permanent worker that you have already tried out before making a commitment.  We charge a moderate placement fee to the setting; however, this fee can be reduced by the number of hours a worker completes at the setting prior to permanent placement.
  • Social Work p.r.n. understands the importance of making the "right fit". We can do all the preliminary work of screening, interviewing, and credentialing your new employee. For a moderate placement fee, Social Work p.r.n. can save you time and money throughout the hiring process.

    We have a pool of highly skilled licensed and insured social workers on the BSW, MSW and doctorate levels: 

    • On call coverage
    • Psychosocial assesments
    • Group work
    • Discharge planning and case management
    • Counseling and therapy services
    • Home visits
    • Crisis intervention
    • New program start up

Training and Education

Social Work p.r.n. believes in the value of professional development for human service providers. Training and education is a valuable recruitment and retention tool in any agency. Let us demonstrate our commitment to quality learning by bringing a program directly to your setting. Simply name the topic, pick a date, and Social Work p.r.n. will arrange everything else for your unique training or education offering. Also offering educational event planning.