Protective Service Aging Care Manager – Chester County

Full Time Temporary
  • Post Date: November 9, 2018
  • Apply Before: January 4, 2019
  • Qualification BSW, MSW
Job Description
PSCM is responsible for providing assessment, care planning, service coordination and performance of ongoing care management tasks for vulnerable consumers who are in need of protection including those in need of mental health case management services who may be difficult to manage and who have difficulty maintaining a safe and healthful independent lifestyle.  
  • Develops care plans based upon medical, social, psychological and functional assessments and completes appropriate referral tasks to address the needs of the consumer.
  • Ensure that legal and statutory time frames are met to ensure the safety of these vulnerable consumers; strict adherence to regulatory, policy, procedure and statute is required to protect consumers from dangerous or life-threatening situations is required.
  • Completes comprehensive assessments to determine functioning capacity of individuals seeking formal/informal department service assistance.
  • Conducts thorough investigations of the circumstances of consumers in need of protection from abuse, exploitation, abandonment or self-neglect in accordance with Protective Services for Older Adults Statute and regulatory requirements
  • Recommends cases for court intervention, including guardianships or mental health commitments and testifies in court concerning various aspects of a specific case.
  • Arranges for representative payee to protect the consumer’s financial assets.
  • Performs periodic reassessments to determine consumer status change(s) and to make appropriate adjustment(s) to assistance provided through time adhering to established time frame parameters for completion.
  • Develops, implements, and modifies written consumer care plans/service plans based upon medical, social, psychological and functional assessments
  • Completes service internal/external referral processes to arrange for needed formal/informal services and performs periodic referral status follow-up and monitoring tasks to assure service provision and quality related to arranged services.
  • Serves in an advisory capacity to staff and the public in specialized areas such as legal, medical, privacy laws, rules and regulations relative to protective service consumers.
  • Develops and maintains chronologically organized comprehensive case documentation and records which provide an accurate description of case activities/events and service provision.
  • Prepares periodic accurate, complete and timely data reports for the purpose of maintaining case data, collection and compilation of consumer assessment/care management service data.
  • Provides assistance with the formulation of interpretive analysis necessary for programmatic operation, planning, maintenance of the quality assurance programmatic component and the generation of internal/external reports as required.
  • Provides written case activity documentation which includes a completion of electronically submitted data documentation used to support departmental Management Information System component.
  • Protective Service Care manager is required to attend a 3 and ½ day Protective Services training.  (Note:  3 and ½ day training may require overnight travel.)
  • Maintains comprehensive knowledge base of internal and external programmatic offerings.
  • Adherence to all local, state and federal regulatory requirements and policies which govern the delivery of services to departmental consumer population.
  • Travels to complete face-to-face consumer interviews, attend trainings/conferences, and other meetings as required.
  • Maintains a professional public image which is courteous and tactful.
  • Performs other related duties as required.
BSW with 3 years social work experience, 1 year of direct aging care management experience. Must be able to travel to visit consumers in their own home, hospital, nursing home or other community settings, attend trainings/conferences and other meetings as required. Must make court appearances, as required. Valid driver’s license and access to insured vehicle. MSW can be can be substituted for one year of the required general experience but not the one year of direct aging program experience.