Client Frequently Asked Questions - Social Work p.r.n.

Client Frequently Asked Questions


  • “Fit” is our primary interest when selecting the right social worker for a position. Our offices are staffed by MSW Coordinators who know social work practice and take the time to understand the specific education, licensure, experience and work traits required by a social worker to match the needs of the organization and position being filled.
  • The primary requirement to affiliate with Social Work p.r.n. is holding a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree from a CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) accredited social work program. Additional requirements include: social work licensing according to state regulations, professional references, and criminal background clearance. We will negotiate additional credentialing/screening requirements (i.e. TB tests, titers, etc.) upon request of the agency seeking services.
  • We individualize the pricing of each service assignment. Pricing varies according to the geographic region, assigned tasks and responsibilities, hours of work, and work intensity involved in fulfilling the assignment along with the education, licensing level and practice experience of the social worker. Most of our work involves full-time to part-time direct service coverage. Service assignments involving consultation, on-call services, home health visits, evening and weekend work, less than 20 hours per week, extensive drive time, special requirements and partialized services, such as group work, psychosocial assessments, and individual and family therapy are priced differentially.
  • Social Work p.r.n. works efficiently with settings to get a social worker in place for an assignment as soon as possible. This can vary depending on the qualifications and your particular credentialing requirements. If it is a geographic area where a large candidate pool has already been established, a professional may be available that same day. It may take longer (several days or a week) depending on your specific requirements and the area where service is needed.
  • Social Work p.r.n. can provide social work coverage for a few hours or several weeks at a time. We charge only for the hours that the social worker actually works. Pricing may vary for assignments that are less than 4 hours per day or 20 hours per week, per visit, or consultative in nature.
  • Many organizations have hired our social work affiliates through our temp-to-perm and permanent placement products. Temp-to-perm offers the setting and the social worker an opportunity to determine “fit” for the job while training the social worker at the same time. Once both parties have mutually agreed on permanency, Social Work p.r.n. will facilitate the transition and determine with you the specific cost for placement. This moderate fee is viewed as a bargain when considering the costs involved in employee recruitment.
  • Social Work p.r.n.’s affiliates come from a wide-variety of practice settings and demonstrate core social work competencies. After matching a social worker’s “fit” with a position (stated above), we partner with the setting to identify a specific orientation plan to familiarize the social worker with the job expectations and organizational policies. A primary belief and practice is to identify each social worker’s transferable skills and understand how those skills are valued in specific practice settings.
  • Although we work hard on the front-end of an assignment to assure the “fit” between the social worker, the agency and the position, there are times that a “fit” does not exist for one or both parties. In that case, we will first work with the setting or social worker to see if there is an opportunity to resolve the area of concern, or we will assist in the transition of removing the social worker from the position while identifying a new social worker with the goal of minimal disruption to the clients and setting.
  • Social Work p.r.n. will invoice the organization using services according to the agreed upon bill rate(s) for service and the timesheet provided by our affiliate that has been signed by an agency representative. We are flexible in working simultaneously with the agency’s time accounting procedures. Invoices are submitted bi-monthly to the accounts payable department with the respective time sheets. 
  • Yes. It's quick and easy to submit a request online. You can also send us a quick email and we will contact you.