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Social Work p.r.n. Expands Continuing Education Workshops to New Jersey

Fort Washington, PA – June 15, 2007

Social Work prn announces it is expanding it’s delivery of workshops into New Jersey. They currently offer over 100 continuing education hours in Pennsylvania and now will be doing the same in NJ.  Effective September, 2007, they have partnered with Robin’s Nest, Inc.  Robins’ Nest is a private, nonprofit, children’s services organization whose mission is to insure the safety of children and enhance their well-being in a family setting. This is accomplished through a wide array of quality community-based residential and in-home services, which encourage and empower children to become responsible members of the community.  They will be sponsoring monthly continuing education workshops on various topics, including supervision, cognitive therapy with children, understanding transference and counter transference and more.

About Robin’s Nest

Robins’ Nest was founded in 1968 to address the needs of abused and neglected adolescent girls. Within a year the agency opened New Jersey’s first community-based group home for girls to provide a more compassionate alternative to institutional care or incarceration. In 1983, the techniques that had brought Robins’ Nest success in the residential program were utilized in the design of a strength-based family treatment program. This innovative in-home program expanded the agency’s services to boys and girls of all ages. During the past two decades, Robins’ Nest has continued to respond to the unmet needs of children with the development of a wide variety of innovative and effective in-home treatment programs.

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