How to Connect With Us

As a Worker

Social Work p.r.n. needs social workers who enjoy working in a unique way – one that fits your lifestyle as a person with a whole life. We offer flexible work schedules, the opportunity to practice in different settings and fields, and the ability to continue to grow and develop as a social worker. We need social workers with Monday-Friday, 20-40 hour daytime availability who are interested in working in direct service positions. Persons who make the best fit are flexible, adaptable, dependable, autonomous, and comfortable with their social work knowledge, skills and use of self. Call us or visit our Opportunities/Affiliates area whether you are looking for employment or just exploring the process.

As a Setting

Social Work p.r.n. can provide a wide variety of services and products. In the area of staffing, we offer full & part time caseload coverage, discharge planning, group work services, psychosocial assessments, case management, crisis intervention, family preservation services, consultation, clinical therapy, home visits, on-call coverage, special project staffing and training and education. We can save you time and money in advertising, recruiting, interviewing, evaluating and processing applicants as well as in the coordination of staffing services. We are professionals in coordinating services on a temporary, temp-to-perm or permanent basis. Call us whether you need help or are just exploring the process.