Social Work p.r.n. of Philadelphia is pleased to announce the creation and release of a new magazine for Social Workers.


A Quarterly Journal for Social Workers Who Touch People’s Lives



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Jessica Jarmon Honored With Caring More Award

by Joann on October 27, 2011

‘Caring More Award’ Presented to Jessica Jarmon

Jessica Jarmon, MSW, LCSW and an Oncology Social Worker has been awarded the ‘Caring More Award’ by Crossroads Hospice. Jessica is an employee of Social work p.r.n. and currently is on a temporary assignment at the Cancer Center Treatment of America as a Clinical Counselor. 

This award is given every year to a social worker in the Philadelphia area who exemplifies the ideal of advocating for patients and contributing to the community. An award breakfast will be held honoring Jessica on Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Social Work p.r.n. is very proud of Jessica!

Social Work p.r.n. Press

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Social Work p.r.n. Honored by Belmont Center

Social Work p.r.n. Honored

Fort Washington, PA – On March 22, 2007 Social Work p.r.n. was the recipient of the “Certificate of Achievement” from the Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment presented by the Department of social work and case management.

Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment is a 147-bed private psychiatric hospital offering a full array of services for the treatment of behavioral health and addictions disorders in adolescents, adults and older adults.

For more information on Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment please visit Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment

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Social Work p.r.n. Press

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Social Work p.r.n. Conducts Safety Survey of Over 2000 Social Workers

Fort Washington, PA – January 13, 2007

In October, 2006 Boni Fredericks, a social worker, was murdered while taking a child to visit his mother in Henderson, Kentucky. In August, 2004 Teri Zenner, a case manager in Johnson County, Kansas was stabbed to death while visiting the home of a client. The 17 year old client, diagnosed with a mental illness, was charged with her murder. In January of that same year a clinician in private practice was murdered by his 16 year old client.

Are these isolated events? We wanted to find out. We surveyed 2000 social workers in the Tri-State region. They were a mix of bachelor level and master level social workers all from accredited schools of social work. We disseminated the surveys via email between December 11, 2006 and January 13, 2007. We sent out one follow-up email after the initial email. We had 471 respondents to the online survey. The response rate to the survey yielded a 31.4% return rate.

What we found was that these incidents were not isolated, but a telling fact of what social workers are facing while doing their job. The incidents mentioned above should have sparked, at a national level, a renewed interest and effort on studying client violence and an emphasis on the need for social workers (and the agencies that they work for) to train and protect themselves. Unfortunately, after the initial reports of the tragedies, interest faded and the news cycle moved on. Some changes were made in Kentucky and Kansas, but not on a national basis.

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Social Work p.r.n. Press

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Social Work p.r.n. Expands Continuing Education Workshops to New Jersey

Fort Washington, PA – June 15, 2007

Social Work prn announces it is expanding it’s delivery of workshops into New Jersey. They currently offer over 100 continuing education hours in Pennsylvania and now will be doing the same in NJ.  Effective September, 2007, they have partnered with Robin’s Nest, Inc.  Robins’ Nest is a private, nonprofit, children’s services organization whose mission is to insure the safety of children and enhance their well-being in a family setting. This is accomplished through a wide array of quality community-based residential and in-home services, which encourage and empower children to become responsible members of the community.  They will be sponsoring monthly continuing education workshops on various topics, including supervision, cognitive therapy with children, understanding transference and counter transference and more.

About Robin’s Nest

Robins’ Nest was founded in 1968 to address the needs of abused and neglected adolescent girls. Within a year the agency opened New Jersey’s first community-based group home for girls to provide a more compassionate alternative to institutional care or incarceration. In 1983, the techniques that had brought Robins’ Nest success in the residential program were utilized in the design of a strength-based family treatment program. This innovative in-home program expanded the agency’s services to boys and girls of all ages. During the past two decades, Robins’ Nest has continued to respond to the unmet needs of children with the development of a wide variety of innovative and effective in-home treatment programs.

For more information on Robin’s Nest, please visit

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Social Work p.r.n. Press

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Social Work CEO Inducted into Temple University Gallery of Success

Robert Plotkin, LSW, MBA, President honored

Fort Washington, PA – Temple University, School of Social Administration announced today that Robert Plotkin is to be inducted into the Gallery of Success.  Each year, Temple awards one graduate from each school in the university with this honor.  Mr. Plotkin’s portrait will hang in the gallery for one year.  He will also be honored at a dinner recognizing all this year’s award winners.

Career Development Services Gallery of Success portrays successful alumni/ae from Temple University. The goal of the Gallery is to have their University Community, especially undergraduates, see successful Temple University graduates in an effort:

  • To honor distinguished and accomplished alumni/ae
  • To instill a sense of pride in the University and their future Alma Mater
  • To see where successful alumni/ae work in varied occupations around the world
  • To affirm that a Temple University degree is competitive in the 21st Century global workplace

Alumni representing Temple’s diverse family have been selected and their photographs, with a brief biographical sketch, will hang in the gallery for a period of one year.

As Temple University moves into the 21st century the Gallery of Success will serve as a legacy and constant reminder for the Temple University students to see that Temple University, does indeed, produce “Temple Talent” who are in great demand in the global workforce.

The Gallery of Success is located in Mitten Hall on Temple University’s Main Campus. Mitten Hall is at the corner of Broad Street and Park Mall. Use the Park Mall entrance to gain access to the building. The Gallery is on the second floor on the east and west entry walls in the main entrance to Career Development Services. Feel free to stop by any time during the day and view the Gallery.

About Temple University

The School of Social Administration (SSA) is dedicated to societal transformations to eliminate social, political, economic injustices for poor and oppressed populations and to advancing the quality of life for all through:

Education emphasizing the discovery of knowledge, use of critical inquiry, and exertion of professional ethics to guide solution seeking and action taking to effect social change among professional social workers in front-line, supervisory, managerial, and leadership positions.

Research and scholarship to advance applied knowledge and generate evidence based strategies to resolve problems occurring between people and their social environments at local, state, national, and global levels.

Public service to aid the dissemination of knowledge and evidence based strategies.

Responding to the needs of constituents through collaborations and partnerships with communities, agencies, and organizations.

For more information on Temple University School of Social Administration, please visit

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